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82 TYPES OF ELUTION , heated at elevated temperatures in the presence of steam to create activated carbon In gold recovery applications, .

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Our Elution and Acid Wash columns are optimally designed for plug flow of eluate or fresh water for eluting gold cyanide complexes from activated carbon recovered from CIP/CIL gold adsorption circuitsDesigned and constructed to a range of available pressure vessel codes, including ASME VIII, EN13445, B51-14 or AS1210, the vessels can be .

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column and in the elution vessel , Load column: Carbon: 90 minutes: Acid Wash: 3% HCl: , carbon stripping vessel at a flow rate of about 2 Bed Volumes per hour

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ELUTION BEHAVIOUR OF METALS FROM CARBON 475 Introduction , to the flushing of the NaCN + NaOH solution from the column, the elution of gold was poor

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In the case of Zadra elution, where the electrowinning cell is in series with the elution column, the column and cell must be designed to elute and recover the gold by recirculation of the eluant until the gold content of the eluted carbon is low enough (

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In the gold industry, activated carbon is utilized in CIP/ CIL process to transfer dissolved gold from cyanide leached slurry to elution column where gold is desorbed from the carbon The stripped carbon will retrain significant quantity of organic and inorganic contaminants (foulants) present in the cyanide slurry

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theacdvated carbon catalYsedtheoxidadon qfsulphideto polYsulphide Eludon dfidendes qfaround 100percentwerealso obtainedinlessthan 4hoursduringthebatch , column Thesolvent elution procedures suffer fromthedisadvantage thatthesolvent vapours areinvariably toxic,andmayalsorepresent a firehazard Themining community istherefore

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Organic foulants such as oils and fats are unaffected by the acid and are removed by thermal reactivation after the elution cycle which detrimentally affects carbon adsorption by reducing carbon activityE L U T I O N & C A R B O N R E A C T I V A T I O N Split ‘Anglo American Research Laboratories’ (AARL) Elution Process Stages Column .

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In analytical and organic chemistry, elution is the process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent; as in washing of loaded ion-exchange resins to remove captured ions In a liquid chromatography experiment, for example, an analyte is generally adsorbed, or "bound to", an adsorbent in a liquid chromatography column

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Comparison Guide to C18 Reversed Phase HPLC Columns Comparison Data on Commonly Used C18 Phases , analytical inc Comparison Guide to C18 Reversed Phase HPLC Columns Introduction There are so many different C18 columns to choose from, that finding the right column for a particular separation , Elution Order: 1 ,

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recirculated through anelution column and , Figure6-Effect ofliquid-ta-solid ratio onthebatch elution ofgoldfrom activated carbon atIowinitial gold loading

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carbon in the elution column is dependent on the type of activated carbon and the conditions of acid wash- ing I12] It is important to know this ratio and hence the reversibility of adsorption, because it will determine the , The mechanism of elution of gold cyanide from activated carbon .

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PLOT Capillary GC Columns We offer a wide variety of Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) GC columns, including those made with our specialty carbon adsorbents A proprietary procedure is used to fix adsorbent particles to the inside of fused silica tubing, and ensures they will not be dislodged in normal use

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The feasibility of using ultrasound to enhance the elution of gold from activated carbon was investigated A laboratory-scale elution column immersed in an ultrasonic bath was used to investigate three eluant systems

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Heat Systems provides thermal process systems, carbon regeneration kilns, gold room ovens, & elution heaters across Australia

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The mechanism of elution of gold cyanide from activated carbon Authors; Authors and affiliations; J S J Van Deventer , It is the objective of this article to formulate such a mechanism on the basis of batch and column elution tests without analyzing adsorbed species on the carbon directly , 2 −} n ion pairs on the carbon, which in .

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elution & acid wash column carbon column feed chute 8 8 step 2: acid inject elution & acid wash column kv 507 elution water kv 506 kv 504 primary heat exchanger secondary heat exchanger tailing hopper elution water pump kv 505 9 elution & acid wash column kv 507 elution water kv 506 kv 504 primary heat exchanger .

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During this stage a 2% caustic/3% cyanide solution mixture is re-circulated through the loaded carbon in the elution column until such time as a predetermined “top of column” temperature is reached

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detectors or columns • Injectors and detectors temperatures controlled , Order of elution (GC): Lesser retained analytes elute earlier Given similar molecular characteristics, more , carbon units while C18 is coated with C18 moieti C18 columns are more hydrophobic

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ELUTION FILTER SCREENS The elution process that takes place within an elution column is enabled by the use of specially manufactured filter screens, which are available through STEGEL Engineering

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A model for the Zadra elution process was developed based on pore diffusion inside the carbon particles, the dispersed plug flow in the elution column, and the gold desorption from carbon as a first order reaction

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A ShinCarbon ST micropacked column will separate hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane in 10 minutes, without cryogenic cooling This 2-page note also shows separations of light hydrocarbon/permanent gas mixtures, natura\ l gas components, and fluorocarbons

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When the elution column is full of carbon, potable water is flushed through the column to remove any remaining entrained slurry Acid Washing

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